Ace Cash Express Inc

ACE Cash Express Inc is a payday loan (and other short-term consumer loans) lender and a provider of financial services, in several states.

For consumer finance products, according to their marketing material, ACE is the largest owner and operator of check cashing stores in the US.

Most of the firm's customers come from the so-called "underbanked" neighborhoods, where traditional banks do no provide sufficient services in small-amount loan categories, to meet the needs of the residents.

All in all, the firm, which is owned by the private equity firm JLL Partners, has over 1,700 stores, mostly under names "Ace Cash Advance" or "Ace Cash Express".

ACE stores are often available in malls, within downtown busy streets, and kiosks within retail outlets.

From most of the available physical stores, you can not only get payday loans, but also purchase money orders, pay bills, and set up pre-paid debit cards, all good ingredients in personal money management.

Ace Cash Express Services

The core service at the company are short-term, small-dollar amount payday loans.

These loans are available even to people with bad credit, as the primary requirements only include a steady job and a bank account.

Cash advance (against a payday) loan is also a very fast loan, where you get the loan approval usually within the same visit to the store, and money in hand on the spot.

You can also apply to these loans online, where the process is similarly very quick, with the money direct deposited to your bank account.

On the application process, ACE does NOT require you to have a fax machine or any collateral to get the application process finished.

Other popular financial services at the company include title loans and installment loans, as well as money orders and check cashing.

Of these, title loans are secured for higher dollar amounts, secured by the title to your car. Installment loans, meanwhile, are also higher amount loans with repayment in several payments.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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