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To apply Advance America loan, you can do so at one of their 2,400 stores nationwide, or submit the loan application online, via the official website.

The loan application process and details of the loan agreement with Advance America are regulated by both state and federal laws.

In addition to these, the firm follows the guidelines set out in the "Best Practices" rules set out by the Community Financial Services Association, a leading payday loan industry association.

For many, personal service at one of the conveniently located Advance America locations is the way to go.

When you visit one of these payday loan centers, according to the company's official website, you need to have some documents with you, to make the application.

These documents include identification, proof of income, and a bank statement.

As part of the in-store loan process, you need to sign the loan agreement and write a personal check for the loan amount plus fee.

Then, you make an appointment with the customer service agent, to return and repay the loan amount. Normally,you'll receive the cash (or check) on the spot.

Later, on the due date for the loan repayment, you'll return to pay off the loan in cash, and reclaim your personal check.

Apply for Advance America Payday Loan Online

The process is a bit more streamlined online.

For the first, you need to figure out whether payday loans are available in your state, by clicking on "Get a Loan" button, and selecting your state.

From there, if payday cash advances are available in your area, you can proceed to the actual online application.

When you've completed and submitted the loan application, the application will be processed.

If approved, the loan amount will be directly deposited into your bank account, and, per the terms of your agreement, your amount due will be withdrawn automatically from the checking account on the due date.

Thus, the online application, approval, and payment process takes places online, without the need to visit one of the firm's physical cash advance stores.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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