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Cash advance Denver lenders range from Moneytree Inc to Advance America, each providing installment loans with longer payment terms.

In Colorado, the payday advance industry is very heavily regulated, and the legislation has led to many unique aspects of the marketplace in relation to many other states where payday loans are allowed.

These payday loan laws in Colorado, for example, regulate much longer minimum loan terms than what is typically considered normal for payday lending.

This is why most payday loan lenders in Colorado offer only these products as installment loans, where the repayment is done through several installment, over a longer period of time.

As a consumer of these products, you should familiarize yourself with the details of the laws and how they affect your application for a loan, to fully understand your rights.

Another thing to consider are the alternatives to payday lending in Colorado.

Because of the long minimum loan terms, a lot of alternative products are viable alternatives in CO, including small consumer loans from credit unions and local banks.

If your need for emergency cash is smaller than what the installment loans have to offer, as alternatives, you can also try to negotiate a salary advance from your employer, loan money from a family member or a friend, or obtain a cash advance from your credit card.

Payday Loans in Denver

Because of the heavy regulation within Colorado, some of the major payday lenders have not representation in the state, which has led to fewer alternatives competing for your business.

However, in the installment loan area, you can choose from such nationally recognized brands as Advance America and Moneytree Inc, in addition to the local payday lenders.

Of these, Moneytree has several locations within greater Denver, including downtown Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Lakewood, Greenwood, Northglenn, and Westminster.

Advance America, the nation's largest cash advance lender (with over 2,400 outlets), has, according to their store finder tool (available from the official website) a total of 17 locations within 20 miles of Denver, CO.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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