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Cash America International has grown from one pawnshop in Irving Texas to the current financial powerhouse with over 1,000 locations and operations in several countries.

The company has been in business since 1983, when the founder Jack Daugherty opened the first outlet in Texas, providing financial products to his financially under-served community.

It took just a few years of rapid expansion before the company listed in the stock market, which fueled Cash America's growth into its current status.

Beyond U.S., Cash America has international operations in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Out of these, the firm has physical outlets only in Mexico, while the international operations elsewhere are conducted through internet.

As for the names under which the firm operates in the United States, the most well-known brands are Cash America Pawn, SuperPawn, Cashland, and Payday Advance.

One of the firm's main brands is in check-cashing services, the Mr. Payroll brand, which has been part of the company since 1994.

Internationally, the brands include QuickQuid (UK), DollarsDirect (Canada and Australia), and Prenda Fácil (Mexico).

The online operations for Cash America in the US are handled by a separate subsidiary, and functions through the CashNetUSA website.

Cash America Intl Services

The primary service area for the firm is pawnshops, while cash advances have become very important, especially since the company acquired Cashland back in 2003.

However, many of the company's pawnshops have been offering cash advance products ever since 2000.

The expansion to online payday loans happened in 2006, when Cash America acquired CashNetUSA, now operated under the Enova Financial subsidiary.

In the United Kingdom, one of the world's major payday loan markets, the company has been active since 2006, when they purchased QuickQuid, an direct online payday lender.

In addition to QuickQuid, Cash America also operated in the UK under brand name "Pounds to Pocket".

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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