Cash and Check Advance Cincinnati

Cash and check advance Cincinnati is available from, for example, Advance America's 13 locations within 20 miles of the city.

Payday advances are one the more popular financial products in Ohio and Cincinnati, and the state ranks, in fact, as eight among all states for number of cash advance operators.

According to statistics from the state, there are over 1,350 payday loan lenders working in Ohio, providing short-term, small dollar amount loans to consumers.

These loans are intended to be used for emergencies and unexpected shortfalls in personal finances, but not as solutions for long-term money problems.

Some of the uses include avoiding late payment fees, overdraft charges, and charges related to disconnected utilities, and for some, avoiding credit downgrades.

Before you take one of these loans, however, you should read through all the applicable payday loan laws in Ohio, in order to get a full understanding of your rights as a consumer.

The laws (including "Short-Term Loan Act") regulate, among other things, the maximum loan amounts that a borrower can take, prohibitions on extending the loans, and required disclosures on the written loan agreement.

You should also research alternatives to payday loans, including getting a short-term loan from a credit union, a cash advance from a credit card, or a personal short-term loan from a friend or a family member.

Cincinnati Payday Loans

Of the over 1,350 payday advance lenders in Ohio, few are nationally operating franchises, of which the Advance America chain is best known.

Advance America is the nation's largest operator of payday loan stores with over 2,400 outlets, with strong expectations of further expansion, being financially backed by the Latin American consumer finance and banking group Grupo Elektra.

The firm's services in Cincinnati include loans, MoneyGram service, Check-to-Card, and tax services.

You can choose from a total of 13 Advance America locations within 20 miles of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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