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Cash and check advance Milwaukee lenders such as ACE Cash Express, are regulated and licensed by Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

Payday lending is defined in the Wisconsin Statutes, and includes both holding the borrower's personal check until payday (loan due date), as well as an authorization for a direct fund transfer to pay back the debt to the lender.

The payday laws in Wisconsin regulate many aspects of the cash advance industry, including maximum loan amounts, both in dollar terms or as a percentage of a consumer’s gross monthly income, whichever is less.

You should read through these laws, to fully understand your rights as a consumer of these financial products, as well as for knowing the obligations under which the lenders operate.

In Wisconsin and Milwaukee, cash advance loans are meant to be used as temporary, short-term solutions to emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Because these loans typically have very high annual percentage rates (APRs) of interest, they are not suitable and intended to be used as solutions for long term money problems.

This is why, even in the short-term, you should research available alternatives to payday lending, including short-term loans from local banks or credit unions, loans from relatives or friends, or as a salary advance from employer. Another popular alternative is using credit card cash advances instead of taking a payday loan.

Payday Loans in Milwaukee

In Wisconsin, the applicable laws regulate the limits on where payday lenders can operate, as well as how many can operate in a given area.

This also means that there may not be sufficient competition within your immediate neighborhood, so you should research to find as many offers as possible for a payday loan to get a fair comparison on loan expenses.

One of the popular choices for payday lending in Milwaukee is Advance America, the nation's largest chain of cash advance stores, at over 2,400 outlets nationwide.

Their services in Milwaukee, from the available 8 locations within 20 miles of downtown, include cash advances, Visa prepaid cards, MoneyGram services, and installment loans.

Another franchise alternative is ACE Cash Express, with a total of 3 locations near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To find the closest store to your location, you can use the company's "Store Finder" tool, available from the official website.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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