Cashland Check Cashing

Cashland check cashing and payday loans are available from a total of around 200 outlets in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The firm is part of Cash America family of companies, which is a publicly listed company trading in the New York Stock Exchange.

Cash America, for its part, also operates such well-known consumer finance brands as Cash America Pawn, SuperPawn, Pawn X-Change, and Prenda Fácil (one of the largest pawnshop chains in Mexico).

In fact, pawnshops is how Cash America got started, and it is their main product range, with over 1,000 pawnshop operations throughout the country.

For payday loans, Cash America operates, on top of the Cashland brand, Payday Advance outlets, with a similar range and quality of services.

In addition to check cashing and payday advance loans, each of the Cashland brand's locations offers a variety of related services, such as cheap auto insurance, money orders & money transfers (Western Union).

Some of the Cashland, which has corporate offices in Dayton, Ohio, outlets have added gold buying to their services, to meet customer demand for turning their precious metal holdings into cash.

To find a location near you, you can use the firm's "Store Finder" tool, available through Cash America's and Cashland's official website.

Cashland Services for Check Cashing

Check cashing is one of the main service ranges for Cashland, which has been in this line of business for over 10 years.

The types of checks Cashland is able to process include personal checks, paychecks, insurance checks, IRS refunds and other government checks.

Normally, the firm is able to verify the validity of the check, and you need to bring a valid ID with you to get the process completed.

The fees associated with check cashing depends on the type of the check in question, as well as on the amount of the check.

To find out the exact fee structure for your check, you can call the nearest store, or visit them in person.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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