Read more about CashWell financial services, available from 103 locations across several states in the United States.

On these 103 outlet locations, there is a wide variety of services available, apart from their core product, payday loans.

The types of financial services, however, is very much dependent on the state's laws, so you should check from your local store which services apply to your area.

Cash advance loans, typically up to $500 in size (depending on the state laws), generally last until your next payday, when the repayment is done.

These unsecured, short-term loans are often used by the firm's customers to cover short-term financial needs, often to manage finances due to unexpected expenses.

Also, many payday loan customers use these loans in order to avoid paying very high bounced-check fees, disconnection of utilities, and also to avoid using other, less desirable sources of credit.

CashWell Payday Loans

Typically, the company's loan application process is a very quick affair, where processing through approval might be completed in as little as an hour.

These loans are available to people with less that perfect credit, which is why some refer to similar loans as bad credit loans.

Instead of perfect credit, there is a range of requirements for getting a payday advance from the company, which you should read through from the loan agreement.

As of writing this, the requirements include (but are not limited to) age of at least 18 years old (residents of Alabama and Nebraska must be at least 19 years old), a bank checking account, US citizenship or a permanent US residency, and you must be employed.

Depending on how you apply for the loan, you might be requested to fax some documents to verify your application, such as, for example, all pages of your most recent bank statement, and your most recent pay stub.

The cost of your loan will vary depending on which state you are from, so always check the details from the firm's official website, under link for "Loan Cost and Terms".

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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