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Christian cash advance operations in the United States include Grace Period, Inc, which serves as a non-profit to customers in Pittsburgh (Allegheny, Beaver & Butler).

Because of Grace Period's focus on trying to improve the lives of their immediate neighborhoods, they provide not-for-profit payday loans only to the three Pittsburgh communities.

However, they have a program to make the not-for-profit model go nationwide, which is why part of their mission is to educate and consult other organizations with the same aims to improve local life as them.

The organization was founded in co-operation by one of their local churches (which is still a partner) and started lending money with donated funds.

Their lending practices, for loan sums up to $500, have many similarities to for-profit payday lenders in that they have quick approvals and no credit checks, but with more flexible terms of repayment.

Part of their system is that each lender starts saving money as an emergency fund, and at the same time, helps others in the community to avoid lending from for-profit cash advance companies.

From the organizations FAQ section, they explain how the system works as:

"GP is a nonprofit club that originates and guarantees loans made by a credit union (CU) for the benefit of its members. These loans are coupled with a mandatory savings program designed specifically to end each members’ need for future borrowing. Their borrowing becomes free as they become savers and progress in the program."

Taking a payday advance from Grace Period is available using an online but they are local in their communities, with physical business offices Pittsburgh, available for providing assistance.

As an example how they work in co-operation with their partner church, in addition to their storefront office, they also have a second office, by sharing church office space.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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