Dollar Financial Group

Dollar Financial Group (nowadays officially DFC Global Corp.), is a payday lender in eight countries across North America and Europe, with around 1,400 storefront locations.

The countries where DFG is present are...

  • Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain and the Republic of Ireland.

In some of these countries the company operates only through Internet websites, mobile phones, and other platforms (but not physical storefronts)

The firm has many brand names in these markets.

Most notable of these are (in terms of retail shops):

  • Money Mart, The Money Shop, Insta-Cheques, mce, Suttons and Robertsons, The Check Cashing Store, Sefina, Helsingin Pantti, Optima, MoneyNow!, and Super Efectivo.

Their internet-based short-term & single-payment payday loans in the United Kingdom are available from brand names Payday Express and PaydayUK, and in Canada, under the Money Mart brand.

In Finland, Sweden, and Poland, meanwhile, the company's primary brand names are Risicum and OK Money.

Dollar Financial Operations

In terms of market share, statistics from 2009 showcase that DFG was the largest provider of payday loans in the United Kingdom...

...providing around 1/4 of the loans in the marketplace.

Their marketshare has grown since, with the company having acquired Month End Money (MEM), which includes the online payday loan brand PayDay UK, in 2011.

Similarly, they are among the market leaders in many other European countries where DFG operates, such as Finland, where Risicum has been the leading brand for years.

In addition to payday loans, the company's retail and online services have grown into a one-stop-shop concept.

For example, from the bricks-and-mortar stores in the United States, the firm's customers can also use...

  • Western Union money order and money transfer products,
  • electronic tax filing,
  • bill payment,
  • reloadable VISA brand debit cards and gift cards, and
  • prepaid local and long-distance phone services.

In selected stores, in addition, the services include currency exchange, gold purchasing, pawn lending, and tax preparation.

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