Fort Lauderdale Cash Advance

Fort Lauderdale cash advance services are available both online from internet payday lenders as well as from the brick-and-mortar stores throughout the state.

Cash advance loans are short-term, small-dollar amount loans, where the repayment of the loan usually takes place on your next payday, typically within two weeks or so. These are not financial solutions for long-term money problems, partly because of the high APR (Annual Percentage Rate) interest rates.

As a central requirement to getting one of these loans, most payday lenders in FL require that you have a regular, steady job, and an active bank account.

The application process often does not, in contrast, use credit checks as part of the approvals, so these loans have become popular with people who have regular jobs, but bad credit.

As is the case with most other states in the United States, payday loans are heavily regulated in Florida, and there are several laws that related to this industry, including the "Florida Payday Advance Law".

Before taking a payday loan in Florida, you should familiarize yourself with that law and other Florida regulations related to your rights as a payday loan consumer, and to the requirements for the cash advance companies.

The laws regulate, for example, credit-counseling options in case of the customer not being able to pay back the loan, maximum amount to be borrowed, and the maximum interest rate applied to the lending.

Fort Lauderdale Cash Advance - Florida

Most of the major payday lending companies in the United States have outlets in Florida, including the nation's biggest such company, Advance America.

Advance America has 18 payday loan outlets within 20 miles of downtown Fort Lauderdale, and you can locate these stores using the company's "Store Finder" tool on their official website.

All in all Advance America has over 2,400 storefronts for short-term lending in the US.

Another popular choice is Cash America, which operates and owns close to 300 stand-alone cash advance outlets throughout the country, under two brand names, Cashland and Payday Advance.

Their online payday loan service, available via the CashNetUSA subsidiary, is also available in Florida and Fort Lauderdale.

In both cases, whether you visit online website for the loan or in person at one of the stores (according to Pew research, around 75% of the payday loan customers choose to go to the stores in-person), the service is typically a very rapid process.

You get the money either in person right away (against a personal check), or via an electronic direct transfer to your bank account, which often happens the next business day.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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