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Lending Stream is a unique UK payday lender, offering short-term installment loans, which are small amount loans paid over a 4-6 month period in installments.

These loans are intended to bridge the gap between payday advance loans and traditional small consumer loans from banks, so that the installments are typically synchronized with your payday.

This type of loan provides emergency cash to meet your short-term requirements, but they are also lighter on your budget when paid back in smaller installments (a single installment will not be more than 50% of the borrowed amount).

The company, which has been in business since 2008, does not consider these loans as payday loans, but they do offer many of the same benefits, including you being able to get the loan money very quickly.

In this regard, if you choose to get the optional "Express Cash" transfer service (a transfer fee will be deducted from your loan), you should be able to get the money no later than 10 minutes after you were approved and esigned the loan agreement.

One of the advantages of the firm's installment loan is that if you decide to pay the loan early, there are no early repayment charges.

How to Apply for a Loan from the Company

The applications for the firm's short-term installment loans take place online, via on online form, which should take about 3 minutes to fill out.

Once you have submitted your application, the service will verify and check basic details, after which you'll get the loan decision (usually within seconds thanks to the automated system).

If your application is approved, you need to confirm a few personal details and choose a loan funds transfer option.

Once the fund transfer option is chosen, you need to set up and sign an agreement for repayment through the same debit card account where the funds will be transferred.

Depending on the type of money transfer you chose as part of the process, you'll see the funds on the same day in the account, or within the next 2-3 working days.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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