Nebraska Payday Advance

Nebraska payday advance lenders include Check 'n Go, a national franchise with a total of 13 statewide outlets for cash advances.

In Nebraska, payday loans are short-term debt instruments, with a small dollar amount and with the borrower required to have a steady job, with the expected repayment of the loan typically happening on the next payday.

Because a regular job and income are central part of the requirements for getting one of these loans, but a credit check is often not part of the loan application processing, even Nebraska residents with bad credit can apply for a payday advance.

Cash advances are NOT financial solutions for the long-term, partly because of the high costs of borrowing, as measured by high annual percentage rates (APRs) of interest.

There are several things to consider when you're researching whether payday lending is suitable for your personal situation.

For one, you should read through the payday loan laws in Nebraska, to fully comprehend your rights as a consumer of these financial products.

These laws regulate, for example, how the payday lenders must be licensed to operate in Nebraska, the maximum fees on a loan, and the maximum loan amounts for an individual borrower.

Similarly, you should get to know the alternatives to payday loans in Nebraska. In the state, especially the local credit unions have been active in developing lower interest rate and longer payment term alternatives to cash advance lending.

Payday Loans in Nebraska

Because of the popularity of the payday loan industry in the state of Nebraska, many nationally recognized cash advance franchises are licensed to operate here.

According to some estimates, there are more than 50 payday lenders in Nebraska, among which one of the more popular lenders is Check 'n Go, a nationwide franchise.

In Nebraska, the company's store finder tool (available at the firm's official website) returned a total of 13 outlets.

They have been operating in the state since 1997, and even though they also have an online store, you cannot take a payday loan through the website, as those products are available only from the Check 'n Go bricks-and-mortar stores.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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