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A look into how you pay Check City back the cash advance loan sum, and how the overall loan application process functions.

Payday loans are one of the most popular financial products available from Check City, in addition to their check cashing service, both available from around 65 physical stores in five states.

These are loans that are meant to provide short-term financing, often to bridge shortfalls in covering expenses until the next payday, thus the name "payday loans".

The loans are small-dollar sums, with short term repayment plans, often just a few weeks, until payday.

The overall loan application process in the payday loan industry is very fast, and often, does not include credit checks, so even people with bad credit can apply for these loans.

Check City Payday Loan Process

Check City has a couple of ways to apply for a loan, the main ones being visiting one of the 65 physical stores in person, or using the online loan application form.

If you decide to use one of the outlets, you can find a store closest to you with the "Store Locator" tool, available from the company's official website.

Then, with the needed documents with you (the current list of needed documents is available from the firm's website), you fill out the loan application at the store.

If approved, you provide the firm a personal check, against which they provide you the loan sum, and you walk away with the cash.

To pay back the loan sum, you simply pay the sum in-store, at the agreed date, and reclaim your personal check.

In case of online loan process, however, the approved funds are transferred eletronically, deposited directly into your bank account.

The repayment of the loan is similarly easy with online loan process, as Check City will withdraw funds directly from your checking account on the due date.

This electronic and automated cash transfer between Check City and your bank account is done using a ACH Transaction, which stands for Automatic Clearing House Transaction, a method of depositing or withdrawing funds.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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