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Payday advance forum services could help you find good lenders with great customer service, as well as the worst payday loan lenders in the industry.

However, the way many payday lending customers use these forums is as an alternative way to find credit counseling, often leading to wrong types of conclusions.

To find a suitable credit counseling service, one of the best resources is to use your country's payday industry's central association as a reference point, as these associations promote responsible lending and have links to reputable credit counseling organizations.

In the United States, the payday lenders association is called Community Financial Services Association of America (, in the UK the organization is Consumer Finance Association (, and in Canada, the Canadian Payday Loan Association (

Payday Loan Forums in the UK and US

One of the most active markets for payday lending is the United Kingdom, which is why most of the active cash advance forums are also located there.

One of these forums is located at, with their forum FAQ section stating over 30,000 users (for all subgroups of forums, not just cash advance).

Typical discussion on their forums has to do with issues / problems relating to the individual payday lending companies, especially the more popular ones.

For the United States, one of the more popular forums for payday lending is located at

Their forum community had a total of 457,447 members the last time I checked, with the payday loan sub-forum being one of the more active ones.

Much of the discussion on the website's cash advance forum community has to do with the individual state's payday lending laws, and especially how these regulations apply to taking an online, internet cash advance.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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