Payday Loan Brokers

Payday loan brokers are a great way to find the best short-term cash advance loan for your personal needs, from a range of direct lenders.

Using a broker to find the best rates or best types of cash advance loans is very popular especially in the UK, where they outnumber the available direct lenders.

Using a broker is very useful way to save time and money, because taking time to compare the lender's best rates to each other on your own can be a very time consuming alternative.

Nowadays, however, many countries, including the UK, have online payday loan comparison services available, and these services gather the best loan prices to one online destination.

However, reputable brokers often have very extensive databases of lenders, and may in fact have a better selection of prices and alternatives to offer to their customers than what the online payday comparison services can offer.

You should, on the other hand, also compare which payday advance broker to use. Typically, a payday broker gets paid by the matched lender, so you often don't have to pay anything extra for getting the loan.

Still, many brokers add a broker's fee to their service.

You should be especially vary if the broker in question asks for upfront fees on your loan application, in which case you should probably try to find another service, one that does not have upfront fees (ones that you have to pay whether you get matched with a lender or not).

Payday Advance Brokers in the UK

The most popular region for payday brokers is the United Kingdom, where a large number of popular online payday brokers operate.

Among the more popular of these online payday advance brokers are:

  • Kwik Cash
  • CashCowNow
  • Liquid Loans
  • Payday Bank
  • Payday Pig
  • My Payday

For example, Kwik Cash, one of the leading payday lending brokers in the UK, a trading name of PDB UK, has a very extensive database of lenders, but they also put emphasis on dealing with reputable lenders.

Their specialty is, as the name suggests, fast loans from their lenders, with 1 hour cash possible, although in many cases these rapid payments involve an extra fee.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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