Payday Loan Western Union

Payday loan Western Union is a very popular combination at many nationally operating cash advance lenders, including Cash America, with over 200 nationwide stores.

Western Union is one of the world's most used ways to get low-cost money orders, as well as money transfers.

With Cash America, whose brands include Cashland and Cash America Payday Advance, the service is available in most locations.

Even though many payday lenders do not carry Western Union, they usually have money orders and money transfer available, through a Western Union competitor, MoneyGram.

For example, the largest payday lending company in the U.S., Advance America, provides from most of their cash advance outlets MoneyGram money orders and money transfers.

MoneyGram is, in fact, the second largest money order supplier in the world, after Western Union, and if you don't have a particular preference to use Western Union, you can typically get as good coverage and service from MoneyGram.

How to Find Western Union at Payday Loan Lenders

The best way to find payday loan centers in your area that also offer Western Union, is to go to the Western Union website's "Store Finder" tool, located at:

Using that tool, you can search for available cash advance lenders with the service either with the Agent Name & Location, or by just using your location as the reference.

If you are living in one of the bigger cities, and at a state that has not prohibited payday lending, one fast way to typically find payday lending locations with Western Union is to put the word "payday" into the search box.

This search usually located payday lending & cash checking operations from the local area, as most have the word "payday" in their title.

The last time I checked, that search returned, for example, six pages of results for Los Angeles and surrounding areas, providing results, however, from as far as Riverside, CA.

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