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Quik Loans is a Calgary based payday loan lender, with their 2 locations also offering cheque cashing, car title loans, and pawn loans.

The company, which has been in business for over 20 years, is specialized in providing short-term loan funding to their customers with fast service and without credit checks.

Their payroll loans are a way to get an advance on your next payday cheque, with customers typically using these loan funds to meet unexpected expenses and emergency spending needs.

The lending process with the company includes the borrower writing a personal cheque for the amount, or alternatively, a client pre-authorization withdrawal form and a small fee.

Quik has payday advance loans available up to $500, and to be eligible to apply, you need to prove that you are employed with a regular job, and have an active chequing account.

When visiting one of their payday loan outlets, you need to bring with you (according to the service's official website): 2 pieces of ID, current pay stub, current 30-day bank printout, current phone bill, cell phone bill with a fixed utility or current bank statement, and a cheque to post date.

A typical payday advance application takes around 15 minutes in total.

Other Services Available from the Outlets

In addition to payday loans, Quik operates a bargain shop, cheque cashing, car title loans, and pawn loans.

For cheque cashing, you can cash your payroll, government, or insurance cheques at the stores.

To be able to complete the transaction, the company requires that you have with you 2 pieces of ID.

Their operating hours are longer than most other financial institutions, so you can cash in your cheque when it is most convenient for you, and there are no holding / clearing periods, but instead, you get access to the cash right away.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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