San Diego Payday Loan

San Diego payday loan companies include Check 'n Go with four stores in the city, and Advance America with 15 locations within 20 miles of San Diego.

In California, payday loans, cash advances, or "deferred deposits" as they are called in the California payday loan laws, are a form of short-term, small dollar amount consumer debt.

Typically, in these loans, you will write a personal check in exchange for the cash loan amount, and the lender will hold onto the check until the due date, often the borrower's next payday, within a few weeks on average.

Cash advances are NOT meant to be used as long-term financial solutions.

As part of your research into the viability of cash advance loans to your personal situation, you should familiarize yourself with the payday loan laws in California, to fully grasp your rights as a consumer.

These regulations, for example, state the maximum amount how much you can borrow, the maximum fees for a loan, how the payday lenders must be licensed, and how they can collect on cases of debt nonpayment.

In this regard, you should always check that you are dealing with a properly licensed payday lender in California, by the Department of Corporations.

Use the Department’s website or call their toll-free number to make this verification (or to file a complaint).

Payday Loans in San Diego

Annually, California residents take over 11 millions payday loans, and to satisfy this demand, most of the nationwide chains have opened storefronts in most major cities, including San Diego.

Among these alternatives is Advance America, the largest payday lender in United States, with a total of more than 2,400 outlets in the country.

A search on their "store finder tool" (available from the official website) returned 15 locations within 20 miles of San Diego, CA.

Another popular alternative is the Check 'n Go franchise, which has four outlets in San Diego, and 173 stores in total in the state. They have been operating in California since 1997.

Check 'n Go features include an easy-to-use online payday loans website, accessible through the interface at the official website.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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