TxtLoan is a direct UK payday lender providing short-term cash advance loans through mobile phone SMS text messages, for amounts from £100 up to £500.

The firm has been in business since 2008, and since the beginning, they have been one of the market leaders in offering payday loans directly from your cell phone.

To do this, the company has developed a proprietary software platform, which allows automated bank connections, meaning the loan funds can be transferred at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Even though borrowing a payday loan from the service is very easy and can be done wherever a mobile phone network is available, you should consider very carefully whether taking one of these loans is suitable for you.

Because of the high costs of borrowing, as measured by high APR (annual percentage rate) of interest, these are not debt products for long-term money problems.

The service has recognized that many of their customers might benefit from debt and money management counseling, which is why they voluntarily are funding two free-to-client debt advice charities, CCCS & PayPlan.

How to Apply for a Payday Advance from the Service

As the service name implies, applying for getting one of these payday loans is done through text messaging and a mobile phone.

Initially, you will need to register to the service, through a one-time registration process that will take a few minutes to complete.

From the registration process, part of which includes accepting the terms of the account and the credit agreement, you will get a personal PIN code, with which you can make the loan application using a SMS text message.

As a first time loan applicant, you can only loan up to £100, but as a returning customer, the loan amounts can be as high £500, depending on how you have handled your loans with the company in the past.

Once approved, the service is usually able to send you the loan funds to your bank account within 15 minutes, thanks to the automated processing.

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Cash advances should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution.

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